How to Find Category ID on WordPress

To find a categories ID, you need to logged in and go to your dashboard. Open Posts – Categories, and click on one of the category names. The url of the page you are on will show what the category id is. For example, in URL below, your Category ID is 13.

How To Create Sleek Page Navigation in WordPress Without Plugin

page navigation without plugin
This is tutorial about how to adding Page Navigation in your WordPress theme without any plugin.

Open functions.php, and add code below.

/* Adding Page Navigation ********************************************/

	function pagenavi( $p = 2 ) { // pages will be show before and after current page
	  if ( is_singular() ) return; // don't show in single page
	  global $wp_query, $paged;
	  $max_page = $wp_query->max_num_pages;
	  if ( $max_page == 1 ) return; // don't show when only one page
	  if ( empty( $paged ) ) $paged = 1;
	  // echo '<span class="pages">Page: ' . $paged . ' of ' . $max_page . ' </span> '; // pages
	  if ( $paged > $p + 1 ) p_link( 1, 'First' );
	  if ( $paged > $p + 2 ) echo '... ';
	  for( $i = $paged - $p; $i <= $paged + $p; $i++ ) { // Middle pages
	    if ( $i > 0 && $i <= $max_page ) $i == $paged ? print "<span class='page-numbers current'>{$i}</span> " : p_link( $i );
	  if ( $paged < $max_page - $p - 1 ) echo '... ';
	  if ( $paged < $max_page - $p ) p_link( $max_page, 'Last' );
	function p_link( $i, $title = '' ) {
	  if ( $title == '' ) $title = "Page {$i}";
	  echo "<a class='page-numbers' href='", esc_html( get_pagenum_link( $i ) ), "' title='{$title}'>{$i}</a> ";

And then add <?php pagenavi(); ?> anywhere after the loop. Example: Continue reading

How To Change The Default Image Sizes in Media Settings With functions.php

Add a code check to stop these from being changed:

//Check and Set the Default Thumbnail Sizes

Then they can be called with get_the_post_thumbnail:

get_the_post_thumbnail($id, 'thumbnail'); // Thumbnail
get_the_post_thumbnail($id, 'medium'); // Medium resolution
get_the_post_thumbnail($id, 'large'); // Large resolution
get_the_post_thumbnail($id, array(480,240) ); // Other resolutions

References: Forums


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