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Enhancing the Overall Personnel Quality Output in this Modern World

Companies and organizations were trying to utilize standards in managing issues of workers. Problems which may involve punctuality, inefficiency, behavioral issues, and other things that may jeopardize the status of any business were handled through correction and other disciplinary actions. For a time, consequences of the said employee issues were effective through reprimanding methods, sending out notices, and worker suspensions. It appeared that punishment of the negative response is the only remedy for inadequate and difficult staff.

Nevertheless in our current community, lots of companies are now enhancing the process to correct worker efficiency. The penalty approach is not a powerful option any longer. Alternatively, they are incorporating and utilizing the process of liability whereby in the employee consider accountability on his or her function, behavior, and problems that is relevant to and influencing the total quality of the work or organization.

The modern performance improvement plan will contain both individual discipline and acknowledgement. Workers of the companies adopting this solution are well-informed that when they do poor work quality due to whatever reasons they may have, they will get disciplinary acts. Nonetheless, they are also well-informed that when they bring their efficiency to greater heights, they will be acknowledged possibly as the most effective worker of the season. By doing this, the staff will ensure that that they will not experience the consequences of wrong doings and while doing so, make an effort to obtain recognition, and perhaps career promotion.

The other solution to enhance employee performance is by diffusing the problem through planned conversation and target reminder. Administrators or heads who are granted the job to deal with their divisions and workers may still implement the notices, notifications, and reprimanding procedure. But, it is their aim to converse with the workers, figure out their concerns, and create effective solutions with the troubled staff. Additionally, rather than giving the employee definite warning to what will happen when misbehavior or poor quality work will be repeated, reminder of the responsibilities and goals that the employee committed with the company the moment he or she was hired will be applied.

Threatening staff on suspension or cancellations of contract is destined not to be successful. There might be a growth of wrath or fury and it may boost the degree of the matter. Perhaps, they would try to change their attitude and performance for a time, but it will never last for a long and the company will have to face that same problem again. The outstanding employee development alternative would be to carry out a regular training and workshop both for character growth and proficiency development so that the conduct and work performance problems of the employees will be resolved which will in return advantageous to the organization.


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