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Managing IT Services

Overall, professionals agree that management of IT services constitutes the design, management, delivery and enhancement in the manner in which information technology (IT) is used in any organization. IT service management aims at having the right personnel, processes and technology in place. To succeed, any institution or organization must have these ingredients embedded in its IT department. Services that apply when managing IT include various frameworks.

Identified frameworks include COBIT. Various groups among them the Blue Fox Group use this framework. It has used it over the years and managed IT services Phoenix. The group relies on the model for developing, executing, managing and improving governance of information technology. Another use comes in implementing management practices. The group prefers this model because of its easy with which it is published in IT governance Institute as well as Information Systems Audit. Its other bit covers Control Association.

IT service management also accepts the Microsoft Operations framework. The framework has 23 manuals used by IT professionals. They offer guidelines to professionals in the IT sector. The manuals cover creation, execution, cost effectiveness and efficient management services. The areas covered by these manual form the bedrock of IT service management. They are resource materials for MOF and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines. The 23 training manual form the foundation with which Blue Fox Group continues to manage IT services in Phoenix. They are able to manage everything from conception of the idea through to replacement of retirement.

IT service management can also use the Six-Sigma framework. Motorola developed this model immediately following the Microsoft one. It revolves around attaining high standards. Handled areas are gathering information, and subsequent evaluation. The high objectives need a high degree of evaluation to minimize defects in product and service delivery. One of the recognized models for IT service management is the ISO 2000 It is the standard with which the world bases its rules. The British Standards Institutions developed these standards; they mirror the best practices in ITIL model. Microsoft and other models operate on this framework.

The Open Group Architecture Framework is another form of frameworks. It revolves around organizing and governing technology implementation . It helps in areas of software technology. Since inventing TOGAF, the open group has continued to manage its technology content. The Open Group constitutes an independent association within the information technology industry. The last framework on the list of models that help in IT service management is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It serves businesspeople well. It is reasonable for those in the business world to align their business objectives with the type of technology that will help them attain their business targets. IT service management appreciates the ITIL v3 brand as the most common form of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework.

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