3 Jobs to Pursue if You Are Interested in Managing Money

If you are a very responsible person who takes impeccable care of your bank accounts, you might be suited for a job in the financial industry. Professionals who can save companies money are always in demand. You can consider the following three jobs if you are intrigued by this concept.

1. Accountant

These underappreciated professionals are vital to the economy because they keep track of where the cash is flowing. Although some people would consider this a boring occupation, many others are drawn to the analytical aspects that can keep businesses afloat. As you navigate the areas of debits and credits, you could be taking the lead when it comes to charge capture software. Many companies seek the advice of accountants to recommend software solutions.

To enter this field, you need to earn an undergraduate degree in accounting or a related field. Then, you can land an internship that will provide you with entry-level experience. You can also move your career forward by getting an MBA or studying to become a Certified Public Accountant.

2. Loan Officer

Loan officers are important because they decide who gets money from the financial institution where they work. Someone in this position will be able to help people attain mortgages so that they can buy houses. Similarly, they can approve student loans for individuals who wish to get an education and advance their career opportunities. You can start by acquiring a job at a bank and then transition into this role as you get licensed.

3. Stock Broker

One of the best ways to make money outside of a standard job is by investing in stocks. Stocks are tradable assets that allow you to become a shareholder of a public corporation. Brokers are intermediaries who will coordinate sales between their clients and different exchanges such as the NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange. They study the markets to strategize the best ways to capitalize on their investments.

Money, for better or for worse, makes the country run. People’s lives depend on how much they have. You can help society by educating citizens about making sound financial decisions.

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