3 Most Important Aspects of Website Design

There are important elements involved in creating a website that is attractive as well as functional. Far too often, companies try to use websites that just don’t fit every available medium. This creates a website that frustrates customers and does nothing but increase the company’s bounce rate. Stay away from high bounce rates and hire a company that can handle the following three top aspects of great website design.

1. Too Much Flash

Flash can be a good thing – in small doses. You don’t want a website built fully on flash. They become difficult to navigate and the search engines simply don’t want to deal with them. Flash is great for some portions of a website, but the same effects can be reached through other languages, such as Java Script. A website company should use a little flash when it is appropriate, but it should never abuse the tool. It must be used in balance with other tools to help search engines find the site faster and to help users navigate the site easier.

2. No Clutter

One of the highest reasons for a bounce is a cluttered website. A lot of information is sometimes necessary, however, processing it all at once is too hard. The layout must be streamlined and easy to navigate. The information must be organized in a manner which is fast for a customer to find, yet easy on the eyes. Make sure the designer uses categories and pages rather than placing all the information on the home page. Ask about the “fold” and what information is important to be placed above the fold.

3. Engage and Immerse

The customer experience must be immersive. Your business website must drag the customers further into the site, especially toward your call to action. Working with the designer to make sure the site is engaging to customers is the difference between high ROI and customers running away from your site within the first few seconds. It is up to you to talk to the designer and discuss what motivates your customers – this is what will draw them into the site, keep them there, and push your conversion rates through the roof.

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