3 Negative Effects of Google Panda on Websites

Did you know that Google Panda has hurt thousands of businesses? The purpose of Panda is to distinguish between untrustworthy sites and trustworthy sites. When users search something in the Google search engine, they would see results that are trustworthy and legitimate. This is all due to Panda, or so Google believes. Businesses are constantly trying to do anything to get on the first page of the Google results. If they are on the first page, they would get more website traffic, consumers, and business. As a result, they would make more money. Because of the flaws of Panda, many businesses and websites have been hurt. Here are some negative effects of Panda on websites:

Traffic Loss of Legitimate Businesses

One big flaw of google panda is not being able to correctly distinguish between legitimate businesses and illegitimate businesses. As a result, many legitimate businesses are losing site traffic. As less and less people visit their websites, they get less and less customers. Since we are in a technological age, a lot of businesses would depend on their website to get customers.

Loss of Jobs

As businesses go downhill, they lose a lot of money. Businesses have to make the harsh decision of cutting back on their spending. The most common area businesses would begin to cut back is staff. Because of staff cuts, many people would lose their jobs. Even if these people were hard workers, efficient, and attentive, they had to be let go.

Loss of Money

It is hard to bring in customers if your website is not on the first page of the Google search engine. The websites and links on the first page of Google make more money than websites and links on any other page. Because of Panda’s faults, many businesses have loss huge sums of money.

Google intended Panda to efficiently sift through the legitimate and illegitimate businesses. Since Panda has many faults, a lot of businesses have been hurt. Your website could be affected negatively also. Make sure that your website is free of spam and contains high quality content. Doing this could get your website on the first page of the searches in Google. Outsmart Panda; don’t let your website be negatively affected by Panda.

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