3 Ways a Cloud Based Timeclock can Help You Track Your Freelancers

With advances in technology, you can have people working for you from any corner of the world. Since you can do just about anything on the internet now, it was only a matter of time before one could punch the clock online. Here are three advantages to using the internet to have your freelance workers check in with you.

You Can See It from Anywhere

This is perfect in the case that you have freelancers whom are not in your area, and whom you can only contact virtually. This way, you can all log into the cloud, and you can see your worker’s activity from wherever you are, and they can check in from wherever they are.

You Can Monitor Their Activity Remotely

Many internet-based programs allow you to see when someone else is on the program at the moment. You will easily be able to tell whether or not they punched their in and out times, and you may contact a freelancer who has failed to punch in. The freelancer can punch in different hours depending on what stage they are in their work. Maybe include a blurb about it if the program allows, for instance, a journalist can punch in interviews he or she scored for her piece. Via the internet, a freelancer can easily record how long they worked for the day, and possibly what they did.

It is Incredibly Easy

This takes the stress of having to meet, call, or Skype with your freelancers every day to go over their progress. Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to see everyone in person. It is much easier for everyone, that you can receive updates on progress straight from the source. The work itself can be easily posted as well, if possible. Put simply, it saves everyone a hassle.

The internet, or cloud, has made communication and information storage much easier than it was before. So, why not translate that to work? Now, you can monitor your freelancer’s performance, see their hours from anywhere, and easily communicate with them if need be. You can also see their assignments depending on the work. If you are trying to keep track of your freelancers, consider the cloud.

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