A Close Look at Rocket German Premium

German is the official language of Germany and several countries including Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland. It is the third most taught language in the United States following Spanish and French. If you want to learn German, you can find many computer programs and online instruction. However, one series stands out among the rest called Rocket language. You can learn twelve common languages at your own leisure with these programs including German. This Rocket German premium review will tell you what the program has to offer.

Rocket German premium will immerse you in the language. It is useful if you plan to visit a country that speaks German, to help fulfill a language requirement, or you wish to learn more about German culture. The Rocket German Premium course consists of several components. The first component is the interactive audio lessons. The audio lessons include 31 tracks which translates into 14 hours of instruction. The lessons cover everything you need to know which should help you interact with a native German speaker.

In addition to the tracks, you can get a transcript of the conversation which help you effectively speak the language. You also get access to the members’ area which provides you a virtual environment so you can choose what to learn. You also get various features to enhance learning like the ‘Notes’ feature. The ‘Notes’ feature allows you to create and save reminders which you can recall without interrupting the current lesson. A ‘Complete’ function is available to help you keep up with completed lessons.

Grammar lessons are another component of Rocket German Premium. There is a grammar lesson to correspond with each track. The games provided will further increase your language skills. MegaVocab is a vocabulary builder that include 1000 words and 20 topics. The Mega Audio Software game helps you to understand spoken words which can be difficult when learning a new language. The program allows you to practice identifying 1000 words from sound files.

Rocket German Premium is a great and fun way to learn the language. You can contact the creator, Paul Weber, with any questions you have. You can also post questions for native German speakers or teachers in the forums. The program offers a 60-day money back warranty which means you have no reason not to try it.

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