A Good Hard Look at iPage’s Potential in Medium Level Web Commerce

Everyone who runs a website must handle the often frustrating but more often fascinating arena of web hosting. The assortment of available options makes it all the more intriguing. Individuals can opt for website hosting at .99 cents a month and see the most bare bones selections available in modern web driven tech. yet premium offerings provide terabytes of bandwidth, incredible processing speed, and some of the largest teams of dedicated members for thousands of dollars a month. The range of web hosting is increasing vast, and finding the right source can be a chore.

Fortunately, web critics have helped flatten the playing field by offering some insight into the options and what they provide. iPage is continuing to pop up online as one of the best options for medium level websites. This means that iPage is most effective for websites that do not necessarily require massive list of features, but need more than the stripped down domain and baseless host.

What makes iPage so appealing is that it has a great barrier of entry for newcomers. Small businesses can jump onboard for about $3 a month, which may seem low in comparison. This also sets off alarms of poor quality. But iPage is a lot better than that. The iPage hosting speed alone is worthy of some extra attention. The service offers unlimited disk space. Unlimited in this case is not just a buzz word. Truthfully, few companies really reach the magnitudes of disk storage space that would be burdensome. Other sources are billed as unlimited in advertising, such as email addresses and bandwidth. The one that will face the most likely caps is the bandwidth because it is a hot commodity in American web commerce. Regardless of this, few people have reported issues with bandwidth limitation, and the few that have are open about their borderline excessive strain on the overall bandwidth tally.

With 1.5 million domains, 1 million websites, and establishment in 150 different countries, iPage is a dominant force in website hosting. Those looking for the highest end quality may be displeased, but for now it seems iPage is the perfect option for the middle class brand of business.

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