A Great Night’s Sleep Begins With A Quality Mattress

A great night’s sleep will depend largely on the type of mattress you fall asleep on. A proper night’s sleep helps the body to rest and rejuvenate itself for the next day. Athletes require an even more restful night sleep after working their body’s muscles. Individuals that lift weights or workout tend to sleep much more than seven hours every night. Working out has tremendous health benefits for improving sleep. The Helix spring foam mattress offers all of the outstanding features and is specifically designed for an outstanding night’s sleep.

This system is designed with natural comfort and does require the use of electric or metal springs. A traditional spring mattress can leave sore spots on an individual’s body. Memory foam can leave an individual perspiring and too warm during the night. This bed offers sleep benefits for athletes throughout the entire night. The independently shaped air cells will support the entire body. It can determine the perfect amount of pressure by an individual’s weight, shape, and size. The air reacts like a spring but doesn’t leave sore spots on the body due to pressure points. Unlike an adjustable bed or air mattress that requires controls and electric, it automatically readjusts during the night delivering the support that’s needed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The mattress has 80 self-adjusting air chambers. It also has two firmness control dials so you can pick the firmness of the mattress on both sides of the bed. Each side can be easily adjusted to deliver a great night’s sleep with top-of-the-line technology. The hybrid memory foam is cooler and more comfortable than many other types of memory foam. This memory foam also offers quick recovery which will provide the support and comfort needed on the muscles. In addition to an outstanding mattress, it is non-allergenic and offers a ten-year warranty. A good night’s sleep is a great way for the body to heal itself during the night. Purchasing a quality mattress will offer a restful night’s sleep with the opportunity to perform at peak performance the following day. Start every day with a bright and refreshed outlook every day.

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