A Guide To Linux Hosting Services And Features

Linux hosting consists of hosting services that are operated on the Linux platform. A web hosting service is basically a service which enables websites to originate from one stationary server. Service plans for these hosting options are based on whether you selected shared or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting indicates that multiple users have a website that operates from one server. Dedicated hosting is a private option in which only one user or company utilizes the server.

Features Available with Linux:

Open-sourced Operating System

Linux web hosting provides you with a server model that runs entirely on the open-sourced operating system. As an open-sourced system, it allows the user to make modifications to boost security, functionality, and reliability. This is impossible with other operating systems as their programming is locked and inaccessible to end-users.

Apache Servers

Apache servers are typically used with Linux. It is considered a compatible choice as it does not present issues with HTTP standards or services. The servers are considered multi-platform and compatible with most operating systems. Like Linux, Apache is open-sourced.


The LAMP model which is used within Linux web hositng services provides a MySQL database. This database option allows you to make critical changes at any time. It will allow you to increase the overall size of your database as needed. It offers a control panel in which you may create new relationships between information types that will allow you to query the system for data effectively.

Hosting Service Options

If you are looking for cheap web hosting services, you should consult your budget to determine which plan is most affordable for you. In terms of cost, a shared Linux website hosting plan is typically less costly than a dedicated hosting service. However, you receive different features with a dedicated option that you will not have with shared.

For instance, a shared hosting service requires that you share space within the server with other companies. If you chose a dedicated server, you are leasing hosting services and a private server. Before you make any concrete decisions, you should review the features provided with each plan and review the costs based on your requirements. It is a wise idea to visit a hosting provider like Midphase to find out more about their cheap web hosting options. You will then be able to choose a plan the best meets your needs.

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