A Look at Video Marketing and using it in 2015 Marketing

Creating a video is such a fun experience, and more corporate businesses should get involved. This could be for the purposes of marketing a new product, or just making the employees feel more comfortable with the training and developing of the business. There’s so many ways to implement videos in this current day and age that it becomes a little confusing. There is an overall guideline but anything could pop up at any moment. A marketing company can craft innovative video concepts that look at these potential angles. They set up a game plan that is perfectly designed for the particular client, using YouTube, Vimeo, and other embedded platforms.

Videos to Boost Traffic

Use videos to increase traffic by embedding them in a blog post. This can complement written text by having a video to go along with it. Popular entertainment website IGN understands the value of video content. The bulk of their content reviews have a video in the content as well. For the most part, the video is a broad overview of the major points highlighted in the text.

An Audience For Two

The writing of an article usually goes more in depth than what is featured in the video. This provides content for two types of visitors-the first being those that want to sit back and watch a video and the second being those that want to dissect and really get into the content. Video marketing can provide that opportunity.

The ‘Share’ Factor

What is the most common type of content being shared in social media feeds? It only takes a few minutes of digging to see that videos far outweigh pure text articles. This is not to say the text content is bad. It is certainly easier to obtain and a little more accessible. But there should be a balance of video content of about 33% that should be visible on website and in the marketing campaign.

Also keep in mind these videos can have links and descriptions inside of them that pop up as the video plays. This will further enhance traffic and eat even help build relationships with other content developers. Work with Paduka Consultants to help start a developing business down this path.

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