Actor Gets through Tough Economic Times with a Garage Sale

Child actor Jock Brazinni hasn’t had many acting gigs lately. After bit parts in several forgettable slasher movies, Jock decided to head back to Texas and take stock of his career. We are glad to say he is slated to perform in a local supper club musical production this fall. Until then, he has been finding innovative ways to pay the bills.

Last week he put on a real, old-fashioned garage sale. “I never thought I’d do something so, well, corny, but hey, it put some cash in my pocket, which I can really use right now” said Brazinni. Actually, Jock is being (uncharacteristically) modest – he was able to sell some of his old movie posters for significant coinage. His movies may not have garnered a lot of critical praise, but the posters are classics among collectors specializing in stinker films. The poster from the 1983 clunker, Scream My Lovely, went for four figures, without framing. He also sold a deer head, a prop chainsaw and a lot of autographed photos.

So what happened to Jock? “Well, once my voice dropped and my beard grew in, suddenly I wasn’t so vulnerable as a chainsaw victim. In fact, I started looking more like the killer than the victim. Problem was, I was too young to convince people to be afraid of me. Then the famous chainsaw accident on set left him without a left leg, but he still hobbles around pretty well. “Really, the only thing I did was install one of those walk-in tubs to make it easier to bathe”. Anyway, I got tired of the whole scene and headed east. Let me tell you, New York is a tough town. I had to file for bankruptcy and then worked for the city. You know that guy at Motor Vehicles you hate so much? That’s me!”

Indeed, Jock issued driver’s licenses for over a decade. Not once was he recognized. “I guess it was a little depressing in that no one ever realized who I was. You can call it ‘research’ if you like, but really it was just a job.” Finally, the old acting bug caught up with Jock, and he moved back to Dallas with all his memorabilia in 2010. He’s had odd jobs since then, notably as a personal concierge, while taking understudy roles with a local theater group. Now he is preparing to work in Bye Bye Birdie, appearing in drag as a one-legged Rosie Alvarez, his first female Hispanic falsetto role. Is he nervous? “Not really – I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my life, and I’m pretty philosophical about things like success.” We have a feeling we haven’t heard the last from Brazinni.

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