Advantages of Choosing Hosted PBX For Your Business

Most businesses need more than one phone line to effectively communicate with their customers. Business owners must make a decision about the type of phone system they will use in the office. Choosing the best system in the early days of the company can save the business a lot of money so it is best to explore all of your options. The two primary choices are traditional and hosted PBX phone lines. Many companies choose traditional PBX if the building is already wired for that kind of system but there is another option that offers more flexibility to growing companies.

This kind of system uses VoIP technology to connect all the phone lines in an office. If the building your business is moving into does not currently have wiring in place for traditional PBX, using a hosting provider such as Broadconnect Telecom is your best option. Installing a hosted business phone system doesn’t require special wiring or complicated setup. You won’t need to hire a dedicated employee for a hosted PBX system but you might if you use tradition lines for your business.

With a hosted pbx solution, you can make changes to your system at any time through the easy-to-use online platform. If you need to add or remove a phone number or reroute one of your extensions to a different line, you can quickly make the necessary adjustments without calling in a technician. In addition to the ability to route calls within your building, hosted PBX allows businesses to send an employee’s calls to wherever they are working. If you have employees who work from home occasionally, customers and clients can seamlessly reach them by calling their office phone number.

By having a phone system located in the cloud instead of in a box in your office building, you won’t have to worry about technical problems that could leave you without phone service for hours until a technician can get there to fix it. As long as you have Internet access, your hosted PBX system will work and your customers will be able to get in touch with you.

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