Are You Using The Best Email Autoresponder?

If you are looking for a revolutionary email autoresponder that can do much more than what you are hoping for from an auntoresponder then you are in luck with SendReach. This product truly understands the unswerving demands of business owners who want to effectively target their email subscribers according to demographics. Sure, there are so many other companies out there but do all of them know and support responsible email marketing? Having a successful business is not all about the figures, it is about building a good relationship with your customers as well. In other words, you want to give them something that they deem as valuable by knowing what they like or dislike and this is exactly what you are getting with SendReach.

Opt-in Technology

How many of us have dealt with being given the wrong name or email address? SendReach knows very well how frustrating this is which is why they designed their product to eliminate the possibility of subscriber mistakes. You are going to love how easy it is for your subscribers to register with just a click of a button on Google, Facebook and Hotmail. Of course you can always opt for traditional email forms but the one click opt-in option is definitely a nice touch.

Another thing that sets SendReach apart from its competitors is it allows the user to register for Go To Webinar and then they are added to your mailing list at the same time. This list proves to be valuable if you want to focus your marketing efforts to your target audience. Now it’s easy to gather relevant information about your subscribers like the things they are interested in or anything associated to the Webinar.

Get to Know Your Subscribers More

SendReach can collect information such as a person’s age, gender, state and city. You can even find out about your subscriber’s personal interests. The information that they put on their Facebook profile such as favorite singers or celebrities, activities, books and movies will help you a lot in personalizing or customizing campaigns to create awareness for your products or services.

External Marketing

SendReach’s avid users especially love the product’s QR code generator. This will let you connect through your mobile phone with a scanner. This is perfect for people who are running a promotional campaign in their local paper. Who knew that it is now possible for your subscribers to connect with your brand with the touch of a button? Should you have the need to transfer your contacts from your current email autoresponder, SendReach will make it easier for you. Aside from doing the transfer on your behalf, you will also be given detailed demographic information to help you reach your current subscribers. And you know what the best part is? SendReach will do this for you for free!

No False Shut Down Policy

This is something that should make you seriously consider using SendReach. If you have ever experienced having your account deleted wrongfully, you should know what a nightmare that is. Believe it or not, even ethical internet marketers have had this happened to them. If you go for SendReach, your account will not be shut down unless you are a spammer or scammer. The team will investigate first if they receive reports or complaints about you before they make a move. So if you are playing by the rules, there is nothing you should worry about. What other email autoresponder provides you with that kind of peace of mind?

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