Aremco: Gates and Barriers

Aremco are the specialists in the field of manufacturing vehicle access restriction equipment, street furniture and parking control system including gates and barriers. The company is located in Cradley Heath which is considered as the heart of Black Country in United Kingdom. They have been supplying their products throughout the United Kingdom from the last fifty years and have gained the trust of their prospects and authorities.

Aremco is being run by Case family and they have been conducting their business operations since 1907. With advancement in technology, the company has brought innovation in their products and designs. They have been offering vast range of products including which there is a vast range of fold down posts, removable and collapsible posts, telescopic posts, ram posts as well as several types of bollards.

Aremco is also supplying car parking gates and barriers that have been approved by the authorities and cater the security needs of the kingdom.  The products are being offered at highly competitive price and are supplied to local authorities, architects, insurance companies, civil engineers and several other individuals of the public.

The products of Aremco are power coated. However as in the coastal areas power coating is not enough, so the company offers galvanized or first galvanized and then power coated products as per required by the customers. 

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