How Much Money Is Your Business Losing Through Poor IT Structures?

If you are a business person today, you have to know how important the digital world is. Despite this clear importance and the global shift to online business, there are still many small and medium enterprises that avoid digitizing at all costs. The problem with that is, these businesses have no idea how high the cost is. 

No matter what type of business you run, having managed services for your IT can not only save you money, but also stop you from losing money. 

Digitize To Your Delight 

The old saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” If computers and all things digital fall into the sphere of “things you don’t know,” you may well be losing money daily. Let’s face it, we all have our own skill sets. Computers are not for everyone, but you wouldn’t ignore your tax returns simply because you didn’t know how to do them yourself, would you? Of course not, you would hire a qualified tax consultant because you know that ignoring your taxes is something that can get you into trouble. So why would computers and IT be any different? 

It’s important to remember that managed services are not there to introduce systems you don’t need, but there are always small adjustments that can be made that will improve your business and possibly increase your profit line. 

Simple Solutions Make the Biggest Difference

Implementation of managed services Denver doesn’t have to be an overriding shift in your business. It may just be an automated spreadsheet of your customer’s details, or a system that keeps track of your stock levels so that you can throw that little black book out. 

Often, the simplest solutions are the best and if you aren’t tech-savvy, then you will likely be more comfortable with simple solutions anyway. 

Spend A Little to Make a Lot

If you’ve spent more than a few days in business, you already know that to make money, you often need to spend money. Smart business people spend money on the right things, so if you are considering getting help from a managed services company and don’t think you can afford it, take another look at that budget and see where you can cut away, because this is an important expense. 

Think about spending on IT services in the same way you do your marketing spend. Marketing often feels like a grudge spends because you don’t always see the results immediately, but rest assured that you will see the results if you keep at it. 

If you feel like your digital systems can do with an upgrade, there is no better time than right now to get it done. Make your customers happier, your employees’ lives easier, and future-fit your business. 

3 Jobs to Pursue if You Are Interested in Managing Money

If you are a very responsible person who takes impeccable care of your bank accounts, you might be suited for a job in the financial industry. Professionals who can save companies money are always in demand. You can consider the following three jobs if you are intrigued by this concept.

1. Accountant

These underappreciated professionals are vital to the economy because they keep track of where the cash is flowing. Although some people would consider this a boring occupation, many others are drawn to the analytical aspects that can keep businesses afloat. As you navigate the areas of debits and credits, you could be taking the lead when it comes to charge capture software. Many companies seek the advice of accountants to recommend software solutions.

To enter this field, you need to earn an undergraduate degree in accounting or a related field. Then, you can land an internship that will provide you with entry-level experience. You can also move your career forward by getting an MBA or studying to become a Certified Public Accountant.

2. Loan Officer

Loan officers are important because they decide who gets money from the financial institution where they work. Someone in this position will be able to help people attain mortgages so that they can buy houses. Similarly, they can approve student loans for individuals who wish to get an education and advance their career opportunities. You can start by acquiring a job at a bank and then transition into this role as you get licensed.

3. Stock Broker

One of the best ways to make money outside of a standard job is by investing in stocks. Stocks are tradable assets that allow you to become a shareholder of a public corporation. Brokers are intermediaries who will coordinate sales between their clients and different exchanges such as the NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange. They study the markets to strategize the best ways to capitalize on their investments.

Money, for better or for worse, makes the country run. People’s lives depend on how much they have. You can help society by educating citizens about making sound financial decisions.

How to Upgrade Your Organization’s Data Security?

Having more data as an organization is a benefit because of its knowledge and the many ways that decision-making based on the data may improve operations. The curse, however, is that we need to preserve the data properly to prevent malware threats and hackers.

Organizations that wish to enhance their data security and business intelligence must develop a comprehensive approach that deals with the issue on a structural level. Below are some of the ways you can upgrade your data security.


Anyone connected to a public internet service by the organization will have their browsing history and activity protected by a virtual private network service. Competitors, for example, will be unaware when someone is accessing their webpage from their corporate offices.

Organizations can also use a VPN-Server based in specific countries to test their sites in those countries. Suppose a user works in an area with internet censorship or any other barrier to free Internet services. In that case, a VPN can assist the user in getting over those restrictions.

Use Proactive Cybersecurity Techniques

It’s difficult to forecast what kinds of attacks a hacker will undertake in the future. As new techniques become accessible, cybercriminals adopt these approaches, resulting in serious attacks that expose large sections of sensitive data.

Advanced threat detection solutions and other proactive cybersecurity techniques don’t rely exclusively on a system of rules to discover attack vectors such as malware. They also search for telltale signs of security vulnerabilities and other network issues. The system detects attack methods that anti-malware firms are yet to know by scanning for these alert signs instead of a precise definition.

Use Cloud-based Systems to Centralize Data

When data is dispersed throughout a company, it isn’t easy to keep it secure. Cybersecurity protection for all document folders may not be of equal quality, putting data in less secure locations in danger.

The system’s intricacy is substantially reduced by centralizing data in a set of common areas, making it far easier to secure sensitive data. Cloud-based systems such as Microsoft Cloud Solutions are one of the simplest means of consolidating data for an organization.

It also prevents files from becoming lost on neglected network shares or locked to a retired employee’s account.

Training the End Users 

A good training approach for end-users is a key aspect of getting the most value from business intelligence and cybersecurity solutions. If they cannot resolve numerous causes of irritation, it may be essential to transition to a new platform that is more appropriate for the organization’s members.

This approach also necessitates cybersecurity awareness training. Someone within the organization’s network can undermine even the strongest network security measures simply because they don’t understand basic cybersecurity practices.

As we have seen above, there are things that an organization can do to ensure that its data is kept safe. Putting in place a comprehensive strategy to fix business intelligence and data security guarantees that everyone and everyone is safe and secure.

How the Internet Has Transformed Marketing in Business

You can also attest that there has been a significant transformation in how enterprises market their products over the last two decades. The advancement in technology has made it easier for many entrepreneurs to put the word out there about the goods and services they offer. Today, you can find several companies that can help you optimize SEO in Tampa Bay and other places globally. Meanwhile, follow through to understand the impact that the internet has had on marketing. 

The Marketing Channels

As a business person, there are several channels you can leverage through the internet to make your brand known and increase your clientele. Such channels include;

Social Media

Social media has taken the marketing world to a whole new level. Today, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have been ranked as the best platforms that allow you to display your products to a vast audience. You can communicate directly with your clients through these platforms, allowing you to address their complaints without the need for them to send an email or make a phone call. Fortunately, creating an account and using most of these platforms is free.


Almost all businesses today have created a website that allows them to interact with the target audience, answer questions, and explain how the goods or services can solve their client’s problems. The current trend is that when potential clients identify a need for good service, they will most likely check out the internet first. Consumers want to get information about what they need at their leisure without making phone calls or walking up and down the street looking for a shop that sells the product they require. Websites have been very effective in marketing and expanding different businesses’ clientele. 


Online shopping has become a game-changer for many consumers. Before the internet came, you could not order anything from the comfort of your home. Today, consumers can shop for anything, including clothing, DVDs, books, and food, from their living room, using their phone or computer. Moreover, some businesses have decided to exist solely online. This has helped such companies save on rent, employee remuneration, and other expenses associated with running a physical office.

Google Ads

Advertising on Google is an effective marketing strategy because people search for keywords and visit websites every minute. Therefore, you can be sure that leveraging Google Ads gives you the advantage of reaching as many people as possible globally and within a short period. This is where you should put more effort into SEO optimization. 

Email Marketing

The email has been there for a while, even before the internet. However, email marketing is a new concept that has become popular, thanks to the internet. Email marketing allows companies to collect contact details, introduce new products, invite people to events, and encourage consumers to leave their reviews and refer to others.  

Marketing as we know has undergone tremendous changes in the last few years, mainly because of the internet. There are different methods you can leverage the internet to market your goods or services to get more clients. The icing on the cake is that you will not pay anything to use most of these platforms. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

5 Reasons a Good Work-Life Balance is Important

In today’s fast-paced world of 40 hour work weeks, tight deadlines, and just two weeks of vacation time Americans, struggle with the work-life balance. We have come to a point in time where our jobs define us instead of our dreams, hobbies, and interests. Constantly on the move, we have become workaholics, sometimes without even realizing it. As a result, we miss out on time with family and friends, chasing our dreams and reaching our full potential.

Is it really worth it to sacrifice that weekend to meet that deadline or miss that family party to get to double-time pay? Studies have shown that we miss the mark as Americans and would be much happier with a healthier work-life balance. A healthy work-life balance means that your professional and personal lives are separated and don’t intrude on each other. Both are important, but it’s essential to have a balance. Here are five reasons to maintain a work-life balance. 

Improve Mental Health

Not only does overworking take away from your free time, but it is detrimental to your mental health. Constantly stressing overwork can lead to anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other mental health issues. The more you worry about work, the more pressure you put on yourself to succeed, leading to burnout and chronic stress disorder. Having a healthy work-life balance allows you to take a step away from your work and enjoy things that genuinely matter, leading to a happier lifestyle.

Physical Health 

Long days at the office without breaks or time for yourself means little exercise and unhealthy eating habits. Sitting at your desk all day eating takeout will significantly impact your health and overall well-being in a negative way. Just taking small breaks throughout your day to walk or go to the gym can vastly improve your lifestyle and physical health. 

Increase Productivity

Ever get so frustrated at work that you feel like your performance is declining? Just because your putting in the time doesn’t mean you’re producing quality work. Sometimes a vacation or even just a sick day can be exactly what you need to get back on track and reset. 

Develop More Skills

Taking time away from work allows you to explore hobbies and interests you never had the time for in the past. Whether it’s learning a new instrument, painting, working out, or any other activity, finding a hobby outside of work will transform your life in ways you’ve never thought possible. 

You Only Live Once

As clichĂ© as it might sound, you only have this one life. So don’t spend your whole time stressing and thinking about work. One of the top five regrets of the dying is that they wished they didn’t work so much. Spending your time with friends and family doing what you love will lead to a much more fulfilling life. 

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