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This Year’s Trends in Web Design When it comes to web design, things are always changing. Making a unique page that stands out from the other is a constant battle that web designers face. Since each person is different, one web designer could create a page that is completely different than the next web designer. The objective of the company that will own the page should be of the utmost importance to the web designer. This could include things such as lead generation, sales, or more visits. These objectives can only be met if the web designer sets up the page to meet these needs. Everyone likes to make a new year’s resolution and when it comes to web designers, there is no exception. Web designers want to use the newest techniques and make unique pages in order to please clients. The rest of this article will discuss a few techniques that are trending for 2016.
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The first trend is graphic animation. A webpage usually draws in a visitor first by intriguing their eyes. Animations that intrigue the viewer and are brightly colored are very popular now a days. Graphic images may include anything from a moving image to a cinemagraph. Frequently fashion and advertising businesses use these on their webpages.
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Materialistic design is another trend to look for in 2015. This type of design involves using transparency, boundaries and other elements of the real world on the webpage. In order for the eye to move easily, this type of design should be used. For example, most android apps are designed using this. Typography is the third thing that you will see in 2016. Typography makes written word into something that is appealing to the viewer. The viewer then ends up spending even more time on the site because the content is so intriguing. Font, line length and line spacing are all things associated with typography. The fourth trend is infographics. Data is made into a visual representation in order to draw in the reader even more. This is a great way to make date interesting. The attention span of most people is on average 8 seconds. That means as the web designer, you have very little time to grab attention. Infographics is a great way to do this. The last trend is responsive web design. The popularity of responsive web design has grown dramatically in the past few years. Responsive web design allows webpages to be viewed in different formats such as on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Responsive web design is extremely user friendly. In addition webpages that are responsive have better search engine rankings.

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