Can iPage Help You Start Your Own Website?

If you are looking to start your own website, there are many sites that can assist you. One that is gaining a lot of attention, is iPage. When considering a web host and site builder, it is important you do plenty of research so you can choose wisely. Through this iPage review, you will learn more information about what the site offers you so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this site will provide you with the service you need.

When reading through iPage reviews, you will quickly see the vast majority of users are happy with the services. The overall rating for this site is five stars. The main complaint users have, revolves around their chat support.

Those who have attempted to use the chat button tend to find very little help. Instead, users recommend you use email support so you can get better assistance. iPage offers users the ease of making their website quickly. Whether you are experienced in web design or are just starting out, you are sure to find the web tools easy to use. As a part of your website package, you will receive:

  • An easy website building tool anyone can use
  • A free domain name for your site, which is worth $15
  • $175 in cash you can use for Facebook, Google and Adword advertising
  • Free tech support through email

The monthly price for these services normally retails at $7.99 a month. iPage often offers startup deals for new customers and has been known to reduce their price down to $1.68 a month. This makes it much less expensive for you to be able to get a professional-looking site within twenty-four hours. If you are not happy with the services within your first thirty days, you can get your money back.

If you are interested in learning more about iPage, visit This site gives you all of the pros and cons of iPage so you can decide if you want to try it out for yourself. iPage can help build a website easier than ever before. You can simply use the tools they provide or use web apps and your own customizations to create a unique look.

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