What You Should Do When You’re Arrested

Being accused of a crime is never easy, and it’s hard to think critically when so many things are going through your mind. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you handle the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Getting Legal Representation

If you’ve been arrested, it’s imperative that you get legal representation. No matter how convinced you are that you can make a case for yourself on your own, you’re going to need guidance. If you don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer, there are public defenders available for small fees in most U.S. states.

Working With the Police

If you know how to interact with police properly, you can work towards getting out of custody sooner rather than later. Don’t give any personal information until you have an attorney present with you. At the same time, be respectful and follow orders when the police process you.

Being Honest

When you do speak to the police, be sure not to lie about anything. Lies could easily twist you up during further questioning and you’ll appear more guilty than you actually are. The police are trained to detect dishonesty and once they notice that something’s off, they’ll likely try to make it harder for you to stick to your story.

Posting Bail

One of your highest priorities should be to get out of jail as soon as possible. Without posting bail, you may have to stay in custody until your trial. Looking into Lackawanna County bail bonds may be your best bet if you want more time for yourself in the free world.

The world is a complicated and unpredictable place, so you never know if you’ll end up in a sticky situation with the law. Thinking rationally and understanding your rights can help you find a solution.