Challenge Your Brain With a New Language

People are increasingly aware of the risk that they will develop memory and other cognitive issues as they age. Modern medicine can now allow us to live for a very long time, but for some people this means a life that extends long enough for them to develop serious problems with their memory and their ability to function in normal life. Naturally, many individuals are looking for ways that they can help to keep their brains healthy for as long as possible. Recent research has shown that giving your brain a significant challenge is a good way to maintain its health.

A neuroscientist at the University of Texas at Dallas, Dr. Denise Park, recently released results of a study where she challenged groups of older adults to try to learn new skills. She worked with a total of 200 people and randomly assigned them either work on developing new skills or engage in less challenging social activities. Based on the research, which was published in the journal Psychological Science, only the individuals who were challenging themselves and building new skills showed significant gains in their results on memory tests and they maintained their improvements over a year later.

Of course, many adults don’t have time to block off at least 15 hours a week to challenge themselves with something new as the people participating in the study did. It’s also natural to want to put your time into developing a skill that’s of special interest to you, particularly if it can offer practical value in your daily life. That’s why it’s worth looking at language learning tools as a way to challenge your brain while also expanding what you can achieve in other aspects of life.

If you’d like to benefit from this effect without having to invest a lot of time into building an entirely new hobby, you should give Rocket Languages German a try. It will challenge your brain with an entirely new language, while helping you to build a skill that can expand both your career and your social opportunities. Since many of the lessons are audio-based, you can load them onto a portable device and sneak in a minute or two of practice almost anywhere. It’s a great way to try something new and to build a genuinely useful skill, even if you’re too busy to block off hours at a time to practice something intensively.

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