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Securing Wedding Attendance with your Best Date Card

Marriage is one important event that you will never forget in your lifetime!

In fact, couples plan their wedding months before or even years before their target date. The only missing in planning is the confirmation of guests! But what is the best way to invite your guests that will inform them of your wedding and that they will really attend to it? The only way to do this is to give them a taste of your wedding through your informal invitation card or commonly known as date cards.

Do not confuse yourself with date cards and wedding invitations because date cards only provide the What, When, Where and Who of the wedding. It is a simple reminder that on that particular day, there will be a wedding. So what will be the best date card for your wedding?

There are a lot of options to make a date card. But first of all, you need to draft the details that must be written on your card. The details must include the couple’s names or nicknames, the date of their wedding, where it will be held and include the time of the wedding. You can also include minor details such as the dress code for the guests. The size of the date card depends on your design and it is also just a piece of card. Including RSVP in your card is also helpful so that you will know if the person will attend or not. On the count of date cards to prepare, it must be aligned to the number of guests you are expecting to come.

Once you have drafted the details, the next thing to do is to make the card. There are a lot of options for you to choose for your date card. The easiest and fastest way is to have it done by a professional wedding organizer. Part of a wedding’s package is the date cards and invitations so instead of you worrying about it, let them do it in your behalf. What you will do is to check the designs that they are going to present to you and just choose the design of your choice.

Another great option is to just have it created by your bare hands. If you an artistic person, it is best that you design your own date card and just buy the materials to finish your date card. If you make your own date card, you are actually showcasing your talent and at the same time, it gives a more special feeling for the guests that will receive it. The only disadvantage of creating your personalized date card is that it is tedious and needs time allotment. Other than sharing your talent, you can just send them photographs that you have captured or postcards as options.

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