Do You Believe? Read the Bible For Answers to Why You Should Believe

What do you believe in? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Where is your faith? Do you know what faith is? Faith is knowing in your heart of hearts that God is there for you even though you can not see Him. When people talk about God, they’ll tell you they have great faith in prayer and that their prayers will be answered at just the right time or that someone will be healed of an illness. There are many bible verses about faith that people read every day to build and nurture their faith. Contrary to what non-believers think, faith has caused miracles to occur.

You may think there are no longer miracles to look forward to in this modern age. The only reason people don’t see miracles when they happen is because they don’t believe in them. They scroll through the channels on television and every once in a while hear people talking about episodes in their lives they know God put in place at just the right time. Sometimes, they even stop and listen intently before they find another channel. Sometimes, it’s about receiving money to pay a bill or the way for a congregation to buy a building they wanted that was totally out of sight of reality suddenly opened up because of faith and prayer.

Sometimes, for some reason or other, people lose their faith, and they become lost. God doesn’t run away, He hasn’t changed and He has been the same as He was from the beginning of the world, until this very moment. Having faith is sometimes difficult if you’re not sure about your own beliefs. Everyone experiences fear in doing things that seem impossible. Moses and Noah were also afraid. God is the God of impossible. He really asks for two things, and those are to put Him first in your life and to obey Him. Everything else will fall into place.

If you’ve ever watched Him at work in people’s lives, or read the passages in the Bible, you may realize the reason He waits until the last possible moment to make something happen is so that people will know He did it, He fixed it, and He made it happen. Knowing He comes up with the solutions to problems, fixes shattered lives and hearts that are broken and that He will be there until the end, is to have faith.

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