Do You Want An Employee Time Keeping System That Cannot Be Misused And That Will Provide Automatic Cost Reports?

Keeping track of the time workers spend on the job including travel time to various jobs is a task that has been difficult to accomplish for most businesses. A relatively inexpensive system will solve this problem and create other time keeping benefits not available with traditional equipment. The recommended reading on this subject will provide information on the many benefits this system provides. The highlights are identified below.

The VeriClock system allows employees to post their time on the job from a number of electronic devices. The system includes a GPS feature that will record where the employee is at and where he is at when he records his time. If he is finishing his work for the day at a job site, he can enter the time and then the location will automatically be recorded.

For record keeping purposes including the job site identification, this system will automatically post the time spent by the employee on the project. This will assist the business in recording the total labor costs for a project.

VeriClock is a cloud-based employee time clock system that eliminates the need for specialized software or hardware and it eliminates the need for manual time sheets which do not provide as much information. Managers can view, verify, and generate reports on employee hours in real-time. Businesses regardless of the size and with mobile or fixed workforces looking for a competitive cost advantage should study the benefits of VeriClock that every company requires for an accurate attendance and time system.

The VeriClock’s to-the-minute timekeeping, payroll reports that can be obtained instantly, and real-time access to your labor use and cost data are features you can learn more about. Eliminating frequent timekeeping problems such as buddy punching, other forms of cheating and data entry errors will improve a company’s bottom line. All of the data can be imported into the various systems used to operate the business. Additional features will ensure your employees are clocking in when and where you need them to be. The ability of this system to strengthen the integrity of the work force and provide important analytical tools is enormous.

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