Drug Rehab Changes Attitudes Towards Drug Addiction

Drug addiction affects people of all walks of life, from celebrities to the average joe. We live in a society of rock gods and goddesses that inadvertently glamourize a sex, drugs, and rock n roll lifestyle, resulting in a misconstrued perception toward drug use. The purpose of drug rehab facilities is to redirect a person’s attitude towards substance abuse so that he or she can take control of their life. Clients who enter a drug rehab facility will be pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the staff. Each facility consists of a team of counselors and therapists who believe that everyone deserves respect and a second chance at life. No matter the severity of addiction, staff are focused on facilitating the recovery process by encouraging each client to take an active part in his or her growth.
You Play an Important Role in Your Recovery
Groups are therapeutic sessions mediated by a qualified counselor which are designed to encourage clients to talk about their drug issues. These daily meetings are exercises in self discovery, as each client becomes aware of how their drug addiction affects not only themselves but everyone else around them. Each individual might have a different story as to how he or she finally reached a turning point. One client might be able to relate a story of how he or she missed their child’s school play because of a hangover or another client might remember suddenly awaking from a short coma in a hospital bed after an overdose. The common denominator shared by every client is that they all came to the self realization that they needed help for their problem. All clients who are enrolled in a drug rehab program have already completed the first step, which is realizing that they have a problem. The recovery process is a step by step journey full of new experiences and discoveries. Along the way, clients learn that they alone are powerless over drugs and alcohol and acknowledge the existence of a higher power in their lives.
The Purpose of an Aftercare Program is to Provide Support
An aftercare program is an essential aspect in a client’s recovery. A drug rehab facility provides a safe and structured environment, free from negative outside influences which might interfere with the client’s progress. The client will discover, however, that the post rehab lifestyle is an entirely new ball game. The reality is that old temptations or friends have the potential of creating a relapse if the client is not cautious. The purpose of the aftercare program is to provide additional support to the rehabilitated client by giving them a hotline number or sponsor they can call when the threat of a relapse is imminent.
While drug addiction is a very powerful phenomenon, there is always hope in recovery. By encouraging clients to take responsiblity for themselves and that they are in control of their destiny, a drug rehab program is able to change attitudes towards drug addiction and therefore change lives.

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