Every Few Minutes Someone Says, “I Put the Wrong Fuel in my Car”

Most people don’t know the problems they’re causing themselves by pumping petrol in a vehicle that uses diesel. Think about this. Just about every 4 minutes, someone in the UK does this, and now they have to call for help. If they start the engine without realizing the wrong fuel is in the car, they’re in big trouble. The worst thing they can do is turn on the ignition. Actually, where would they think they were going if they know the car has the wrong fuel in it? Many people don’t even realize what they’ve done until they’ve turned on the ignition.

Another reason most people start their car is because they’re so upset with what they’ve done, they aren’t thinking clearly. A hundred thoughts would be bombarding their minds all at once. “My husband will be so upset with me. How much will it cost to get the car repaired? Who should I call? How will I get to work until the car is repaired? How could I be so dumb as to pump the wrong fuel in my car?” They go on and on silently berating themselves until a roadside assistance company is called to help remedy the problem.

Since an engine could be ruined because fine metallic particles are floating all through its fuel lines, repairing it may be easier if a new engine is installed. The growth of diesel vehicles purchased by millions of people who are not quite used to them yet is partially to blame for so many saying, “I put the wrong fuel in my car” when they explain they’re call for assistance.

Pumping the wrong fuel in a vehicle can be as easy as leaving the keys in the car and locking it. Coming home from work on a Friday night in heavy traffic, and having to stop for fuel can be very distracting. Most people have their minds on stopping quickly for pizza to take home for dinner, and not on the type of fuel they’re pumping. If this ever happens, call a company to come directly to the vehicle, drain and flush the wrong fuel from the vehicle and pump the fuel needed, allowing drivers to get to their destination safely.

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