Find Out How Hampton Creek Makes Their Eggless Mayo

In the past, the words eggless mayo would bring to mind bland, liquid condiments that lacked taste and texture. This is because these condiments were not able to use an egg to create the proper emulsification process to make a rich and creamy blend. Thankfully, the Hampton Creek owners got together and knew they had to do something to make a change to the way eggless vegan mayo was created. They began tirelessly researching and what they came up with is mind-boggling.

Through their research, they were able to discover a pea protein that has completely changed the way vegan mayo can be produced. Hampton Creek found this pea protein and began working to create the perfect recipe to create their original Just Mayo product. Once it was released, it began quickly flying off the shelves as vegans and non-vegans united to shout their love of this product. This healthy mayo was not full of unnatural ingredients like other mayo products. In fact, this mayo is completely made from plant-based products.

After they felt they had perfected their Just Mayo product, they began to listen to their customer’s suggestions of other tastes they would like to see included. Through hours of experimentation, they came up with sriracha, garlic, and chipotle. This line of mayo makes the perfect accompaniment to any sandwich or salad and can be used as a creamy base for many savory sauces.

It is amazing how one single discovery has changed the vegan food market. As Hampton Creek became more and more successful, other food makers took notice and began working towards creating their own vegan alternatives to the foods they already make. This is exactly what Hampton Creek has been striving for from the moment they started their company and began their research.

Those who are new to Hampton Foods will love the tastes their products offer. Those who are already familiar with their line will be thrilled to hear they are adding many more products over the coming months. To stay abreast of the latest Hampton Creek news, make sure you visit their website and like them on Facebook.

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