Fix All of Your Plumbing Problems With a Plumber in Melbourne

A leak in your pipes can be a disaster, but not all plumbing problems are readily visible. In fact, some leaks can go for months before they are noticed. A leaking pipe hidden behind a wall only needs somewhere for the water to hide. This could be as simple as the water running into various cracks or soaking into the drywall or timbers. The latter will show up eventually because the drywall will begin to swell and crumble. Your plumber can find these problems with the aid of acoustical tools. They listen for variances in sounds to determine where leaks have occurred and how bad they may be.

One of the most common reasons that people call for a plumber is a clogged drain. Clogs occur in several places, but one of the most common is the pipe traps. These are the U or S shaped pieces of pipe which are connected close to the drain. Their primary purpose is to block the return of sewer gas into the home or building. Unfortunately, they also accumulate debris which blocks the flow of water. The repair is fairly easy provided you have the right tools and a little skill. You need to remove the trap and clean out any food, hair or other gunk collected in the trap.

The second area where clogs tend to occur is the sewer lines. Sewage outflow is a low pressure system. This allows the solid waste to accumulate on pipe walls and connections. Over time these accumulations will snag other debris and eventually cause a clog. The plumber will alleviate the problem by using a rooter tool to pierce the debris. This is a flexible cable designed to handle curves with an auger on the end. Once the clog is cleared your plumber may suggest cleaning the pipes.

Sooner or later every home or business will have plumbing problems. Yours may be as simple as a faucet leak or as complicated as a broken water main. No matter what your plumbing needs the specialist at can help. This includes fresh water repairs and installations as well as sewer line repairs.

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