Grow Your Membership with A Professional Church Website

Do you have dreams of the pews of your church filled to capacity? Do you want to expand your presence beyond your immediate neighborhood? Upgrading your church’s website with a professional multi-media platform can help you spread the word about the services and programs you have to offer.

Take Your Website up a Notch

Today’s congregation is connected to their phones, tablets, and laptops. When they have questions, they turn to the Internet for answers. The best way for you to market your church and activities is to create a website that is welcoming and eye catching. Providing details about your services, staff, programs, and current offerings can help people feel at home before they even arrive.

Maps and Directions are Just the Beginning

Having an interactive map to your church can help people easily navigate their way to your door but that is only the beginning of what a specially designed Church Dev website can offer. Provide up-to-date information about church events including prayer groups, choir practice, and youth programs.

Include information about your dress code, service times, and core beliefs and you have an ever changing but vibrant information stop for current and future members.

Online Services Offer Options

Professional website developers can help you create streaming videos of current and past sermons for those why may be unable to attend in person due to distance or health reasons. This can grow your membership even further by providing a way for those near and far to feel connected.

You can also offer audio downloads of services and collections of your choir or church band’s best performances.

You may also want to offer the option to tithe online or provide a platform for sending in prayer requests.

Share Your Current Missions and Goals

Providing an online newsletter or weekly bulletin is a great way to help your parishioner’s stay current with church goals. You can provide pictorial collages of missionaries or programs you support and give your membership an inside and up close view of where their offering dollars go.

If you are planning new additions or changes to your church, you can help your member’s track how close you are to your goal via an online counter.

Remember that a professional website does not have to be out of reach. Work with a developer who is experienced in church website creation and take your church to the next level.

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