Hampton Creek: Creating Health Foods Shoppers Actually Like

It is easy for health-conscious shoppers to find a huge array of vegetables, tofu and low fat foods. However, few are ready to completely give up favorite foods for salads, and the founders of Hampton Creek believe they shouldn’t have to. The business was started by two young businessmen who saw problems with food sources and their impact on the earth. They decided to begin researching alternatives that would result in healthy, eco friendly products that buyers actually liked to eat. The result was a food technology company that looks at food a little differently.

Changing Food Begins at the Source

Company founders Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk identified animal-based ingredients as toxic ingredients in many of the foods that shoppers love to eat. That means that buyers are paying for products that harm them. It also means that millions of animals need to be raised for food, which strains the eco system, since animals eat tons of food during their lives. With that in mind, the company’s owners dedicated themselves to identifying plant-based alternatives to everyday foods. They started with a quest to design a great tasting egg alternative and they succeeded. Their new product was called Beyond Eggs but is a healthier alternative that tastes and acts like the original.

Genius and Technology Spurred Success

Mr. Tetrick and Balk quickly went on to create Just Mayo, a healthy mayonnaise replacement based on Beyond Eggs. Then they expanded their company and hired teams of technology and food experts, including top-notch chefs. The brilliant teams designed egg-free, delicious Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Their original products sold well, spurring the business to start work on a sugar substitute as well as nutritious replacements for noodles, pasta, muffins and bread. They expanded distribution to include dozens of popular sellers, including Safeway, Walmart and Target. Currently the business plans to have more than 40 products on shelves in the near future.

Health food shopping got a lot easier after an innovative food technology business began designing replacements for many everyday foods. The innovative company is focused on creating appealing plant-based alternatives to many products that contain harmful animal-based ingredients.

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