How to Debug Penalized Websites Through Recovery Steps

Google penalties can be detrimental to the existence of a website. The flow of browsing traffic slows down tremendously when a site is penalized by Google algorithms. The biggest algorithm sources a website owner doesn’t want to get red flagged by is Google Panda and Penguin. Panda is an algorithm that scrutinizes general quality in a website. When the algorithm sees a website with poor content, the site is categorized in groups of low quality scores. If a website is placed in low score tiers for quality, it has a slim chance of ranking high in the search engine. Penguin algorithm looks for artificial links generated in excess. It targets website builders that purposely increase rankings in a way the search engine recognizes as illicit.

People who think their website might be questionable can find answers on There are ways to salvage a website after penalties in shorter periods of time. Every facet of the website should be evaluated to single out the things that affect quality. Panda considers a website high in quality when the greatest portion of the content gets a good grade. Some issues a site may have with its material are lengthy, but empty content, copied material and important information that’s omitted from the website. Panda takes a pan-optic view of the website to determine quality scores. When dips in quality are identified, it can be removed and revised.

Recovering from Penguin penalties start with locating the pages and keywords that are marked as being overused in the search engine. Other links tied to the keywords on the page will need revision too. The whole link list Penguin has flagged needs to be downloaded and archived. The links that account for the Penguin penalty must be expelled from the site to start the recovery process. The website owner has a waiting period for Googlebot to accept the new changes. The duration for a Penguin recovery can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months. Much of it depends on how many artificial links were used to manipulate the search engine. In special cases, the website owner can petition for reconsideration when manual action is taken to repair the site.

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