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Understanding Royalty Free Music Coming up with an intellectual property is not easy especially in the modern world where innovations have increased. Intellectual properties should therefore be protected so that they can only benefit innovators. This is the reason for many countries putting up measures for protection of intellectual properties. This is achieve using royalties that are payable to the original innovator with any other person being prohibited from using such properties. Royalties are usually heavily relied upon in the music industry. Music is listened to by public masses hence this idea. It is therefore very prone to duplication and having people benefiting from songs that they did not compose. This vice is curbed by ensuring that music copyright societies are in place to enable musicians get full financial benefits for their songs. However, there exists music that is royalty free. One would then ask what is royalty free music? Well, the general superficial meaning could be misleading. One should not confuse the term to refer to free music. The term just stands for music that has a license which allows one to pay for it once and have free full access to the music for as long as they want. To establish clarity, this means that once you buy a certain song that is royalty free you can use it for different purposes without breaching on license contracts.
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A song that has been bought royalty free can be used for advertisement purposes. The use of royalty free music in movies is yet another example of how it can be used without being subjected to further payments. This cannot be done when using music that is not royalty free. To be able to use such music you must pay for subsequent uses.
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It is mandatory that movie makers find out if a song is royalty free prior to using it. If it is royalty free, they will pay for it just once and be able to use it in not only one movie but also other subsequent movies to be shot. It is good to note that royalty free music has a quite expensive license. The idea behind this is because once you buy it you do not need to pay for it any other time to use it in other platforms. Songs that do have fixed royalties are not expensive since you will still need to pay for it for any other use. The use of royalty free music in public places is also allowed after paying for the music once. Copyright and rights issues are not infringed in this case as long as the right process of paying for the song was followed in the first place.

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