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A Guide to Hair Loss Remedies

Looking good and presentable is something most people spend time on. Hair loss problems will also bring negative attitudes in a person even if the overall appearance is pleasant. When your hair strands begin to fall fast, the overall volume of your hair decreases and you might even experience receding hair-line or baldness in the long run. An early start of treatment will help prevent the condition to worsen. Using medication for hair loss treatment would involve the use of chemical products which most people don’t want to use and that is why they prefer home remedies.

Here are some of the home remedies you can try for fast results.

Nutritional deficiency affects the health of our hair. When your daily diet lacks the right amount of iron, zinc, and vitamin A, you hair will lack shine and body and will start to fall. The remedy is to take foods rich in these nutrients which are lacking so that the health of your scalp can be improved. The good sources of these nutrients are fish, nuts, meat, seeds, and healthy fats. You will begin to notice good results fast if you add iron-rich foods to your diet.

Strong, shiny hair can result from putting hair oils. There are a lot of causes for hair to become dry and damaged. Sometimes it is the products that we use for our hair that causes it to be dry and damaged. At least every two weeks, you need to apply oil to your hair. You hair will become softer and healthier if you regularly oil your hair. You can use coconut, almond, mustard, and extra virgin olive oil on your hair. People all over the world have used these oils for their hairs and have seen the effectiveness of it. If you mix a couple of different oils together, it can boost their beneficial properties.

For the hair to be health and strong, it needs protein. External protein treatment application to coat and fill the strands is highly recommended. You can make your own protein mask by whipping an egg along with a little oil and some lemon juice. Apply this in your hair by sections and let it stay for around thirty minutes. Then rinse and wash as usual. A thicker and shinier hair will be the result of this protein mask treatment.

It is important how we dry our hair after washing. The most common practice of drying is rubbing the hair strands between a towel. This method of drying the hair can damage it because when hair is wet, it is weak and prone to break. Instead of a towel, use a t-shirt. With a t-shirt, the fibers are softer and excess moisture is absorbed without rubbing the hair vigorously.

You can also try scalp massage at home. Simply massage with your fingertips to increase blood flow. Blood circulation helps to increase hair growth.

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