Importance of application maps in the UK

United Kingdom is one of the greatest countries in the world to live in. The strong economy, formidable infrastructure and high investment opportunities make her the heaven on the earth. Rules and disciplines prevail in every domain of life. These rules also extend to property and real estate construction. Living in the UK, if one wants to construct or extend one’s own property, some rules are to be followed.While submitting your application for your property, you need to attach relevant planning application maps with it. In case of their absence, the application may get delayed or in some cases, even refused.What is a planning application map?It is a map relevant to your site that depicts the actual location of it along with your written application that you send to the real estate department for getting permission to start construction. It is a mandatory document and is indifferent to the size of the property. Most of the applications get rejected due to the absence or ineffectiveness of the map. Another important thing about these maps is they should be updated and contain the data from the current Ordnance Survey maps of the UK.Promap designs appropriate maps for youBy availing the service of Promap, you can get the exact type of map your application and site requires. The company has a group of highly skilled professionals who are supposed to be at your service any time you want. Explore about the company at and find the services you need.

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