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Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Fabric Filter Bags

Filter bags are mainly used in the industrial setting to keep off dangerous substances and ensure the safety of your customers and workers. The following are crucial tips for choosing the right fabric filter bag.

First of all, know what you are filtering before you begin your purchase for a filter bag. This is important because some dusts could be more corrosive than others and this could cause abrasion to your filter which can be risky to your employees. For instance, if you will be filtering substances that have a high risk of combustion, consider a filter bag that ensures safe combustion such as polyester and polypropylene.

Filter bags come in various sizes, hence, you need to know the exact specification that will work with your system. In order to ensure that your filter system performs as required, you can take the measurements of a spare bag and compare it with your current filter measurement. If you are uncertain about the right filter size for your application, be sure to contact your manufacturer for guidance.

Also, consider the inlet temperature because it will play major role in the efficiency and performance of your filter bag. Make sure that the fabric you chose can be able to withstand the temperature whether it rises or drops. Filters that are not designed to withstand high temperatures risk being destroyed when exposed to high heat. For high temperatures filtration, you can use fabrics such as felt polyamide or aramid.

Chemistry with the gas stream is another key consideration when you are choosing fabric filter for your application. Consider if the chemical gas stream is highly active or acidic and consider a fabric that will be able to withstand these particles. A perfect fit for such environment is Teflon whose fibers are chemical resistant to heat degradation. Besides, due to its low friction properties, it provides good cake discharge and it can be used in boilers, incinerators and carbon black plants.

Think about the dangers of a static shock in your factory before you select your fabric filter bag. Determine which substances will be filtered and choose a filter bag that will be able to manage that risk. Also, filter bags that have polyester felt fabric or those equipped with copper or stainless steel ground wires are a good option since they ensure that static charge doesn’t reach ground levels.

It is also crucial to ensure that you purchase your filter bags from a reputable company ensures high quality. A good company will have an experienced team of designers to custom make the bags according to your requirements and advise you on the best selection of your application.

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