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Your Guide In Planning Your Wedding

Do the announcement: There will always be those couples who don’t really feel right if they tell everybody else of their big news before they can tell it to their close family members or the parents themselves. If you can, you just have to tell both sets of folks yourself. In case your parents are not living near your area, you have to see to it that you will put in a special phone call for them.

Explore your dreams: You need to sit down together with you fiance so that you can talk ideas. You should be talking about what would be the style of your event, whether you like it to be a beach bash, or a breathtaking ceremony on a mountaintop, or an elegant sit-down dinner in a ballroom. There should be no talk about money – yet.

Think of a good timing: While you still can’t finalize the date right now, it would be a smart move if you have even a rough idea of the season or month that you will get married. Then you will be able to know just how much time should you make sure that everything is already organized. It is also very important that you make a guest list as soon as possible because only then will be get an idea of the size of your wedding, where you can possibly hold the event, how much will you aim as your budget, and whether it would involve travels or not. With that said, you and your fiance should make your list. You may choose to cut it short afterwards but let this first number be your base.

Now bring up the topic of budget: With the culture these days, it would be very rare to see the bride’s parent picking up the entire bill, so what you need to do is to decide on your bottom line. You just have to determine the amount that will be contribute to you by both of your parents.

Getting things organized: It would be a lot better if you can get a notebook, put in different sections for each budget category. With this, you can jot down the price of an item and put it under your label of expenditures. As you are nearing your limits, then you can start looking for some ways to cut costs effectively.

Finding the right place and person: Finding the right ceremony site and the officiant along with it can be simple – if you were planning all along to be married in a church in your hometown. Even if you’ve been away from there for a long time now, you may still have family members who are still living there and can help you out.

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