Matcha Green Tea Comes In Powder Form To Supply Antioxidant Power

Matcha green tea powder is not just any tea ground up and bagged. Matcha green tea products come from special organically-grown tea plants that are harvested and prepared in a traditional, labor-intensive manner. There are different grades of this tea product depending on one’s intended use and budget. Companies such as Kiss Me Organics offer free samples to people who are interested in trying it but are a little apprehensive. The customers who have reviewed matcha green tea powders have been pleased with the taste and benefits.

Why Spend all that money on green tea powder and why grind tea into a powder?

Matcha green tea powder is a proven traditional Japanese health food. It is raised in special conditions with just the right moisture and amount of sunlight, then harvested by hand at the perfect time as a young plant. It is processed in a time-honored way by experienced tea processors. The tea leaves are trimmed of anything that will not add to the product’s effectiveness, then it is dried and ground into a pleasant green powder. The resulting powder is graded by color and quality. Grades include culinary grade and ceremonial grade, as well as other grades, all with different prices. The tea is ground into a powder to make it more effective and to make use of all of the product with no waste.

Matcha green tea powder is believed to be useful in adding to beauty, improving health and extending longevity. It is said to be a mild stimulant but also a relaxant that will give four to six hours of relaxing energy and help in focusing. The tea powder releases nutrients and antioxidants slowly into the system for a mild, long-lasting benefit. This wonderful tea powder is mild tasting and can be used in many recipes including lattes, baking, and smoothies. It tastes pleasant on its own but is a nice addition to other drinks, cupcakes, and cookies. This matcha green tea powder can also help keep metabolism up and support a person’s weight loss efforts. There are few if any side effects with this natural, safe product. For additional information, go to the website.

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