On-Site Forklift Training to UK Businesses

Forklift driver training can be delivered in one of two ways. Public courses at a Forklift training centre or In-House training, sometimes referred to as On-Site or Work-Based training, which is delivered to a client on their own premises.

In-House Forklift Truck courses requires the customer to have their own Forklift Truck that can be made available for the Forklift training course. An area is also required to conduct both the theoretical and practical elements of the Fork Lift truck course. Subsequently it is normally employers who receive In-House Fork Lift Truck training courses as it is unlikely that an individual owns their own Forklift Truck.

Work-based Forklift licence training has benefits that a training centre cannot offer. Employers do not have to pay travel costs several times if multiple employees travel from different locations to the training centre.

The duration of an on-site Forklift Truck operator training day is typically around 6 hours to allow the Forklift Instructor time to get to and from the location, so employers can often have their staff tending to their normal duties for at least a part of the working day. This can reduce the cost and impact of achieving Forklift certification on the business.

The Health and Safety ACOP L117 ‘Rider-Operated Lift Trucks: Operator Training’ states that after ‘Basic Training’, Forklift Operators should receive ‘Specific Job Training’. Receiving work-based Forklift training, candidates can achieve a Lift Truck licence in their normal working environment using the Forklift that they are eventually required to operate. This amounts to specific on-the-job training. If they had trained for their Forklift Truck certificate in a training centre then this would have to be completed on return to their workplace by another trained operator.

The trainer can also include some typical working tasks in to Forklift Truck driver training, tailoring the Forklift driver course to the employers needs and increasing the relevance to the business.

Providers of Forklift training courses tend to charge a daily rate as opposed to a charge per learner attending the course to achieve a Fork Lift licence. Where an employer has multiple operatives who require Fork Lift training, this can bring the average Forklift Training price per attendee down.

Many training providers operate as In-House work-based providers only. This work-based training approach gives training providers a wider reach to potential customers. The cost of operating a training centre can also be high and the services offered are limited by the equipment available.

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