Protect Your Right To Privacy

The desire for privacy doesn’t have to be tied to doing something wrong. Most people who sign online in a coffee shop or while staying at a hotel aren’t thinking that someone else might be sitting nearby and reading all of the messages that they send or receive. Due to the nature of wireless Internet technology, however, that may be exactly what is happening. Whether you use wireless networks on the road frequently and want to make sure that your computer is secure or you feel that you need an extra layer of protection at home, there are companies devoted to helping people to protect their privacy online.

When you’re using a wireless network, all of the data that’s sent and received is literally traveling through the air. It gets picked up by the antenna on the router to which you’re connected, and then passed along to the Internet. There’s nothing that guarantees that the router is the only thing seeing the traffic, however. Since the signal is being sent out to the general area, anyone who happens to be nearby could conceivably be scanning for transmissions and reassembling the packets. If you use a VPN to encrypt all of the data before sending it up to the Internet, it will be guaranteed to go out in a form that other people can’t read, which means that no one around you will be able to read your messages as you send them.

Privacy is also a concern when you’re on your home network, though. Increasingly, messages traveling over the Internet are constantly being monitored by both governments and private corporations. Regardless of whether you’re actually doing anything wrong, you might want to consider whether you’re really comfortable letting these organizations have access to everything that you do and say, and to have the opportunity to use it to either judge or manipulate you in the future.

You can look at a Private Internet Access review for Bittorrent for more information about why people like the service and their reasons for using it. Many people are thrilled by the fact that they can pay in a variety of different ways, including the use of Bitcoin or gift cards that don’t have any ties back to the user and therefore offer an even greater level of privacy.

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