Quick Adapting and Smart Thinking Made Alex Miller an SEO Juggernaut

SEO is not magic, but Alex Miller makes it seem born out of a magician’s wand. He makes it seem easy, which is always part of the charm and appeal of a legitimate talent. Alex Miller is a talented SEO expert but is there something more under the surface? What makes Alex any more exceptional than the millions of other SEO experts that have touted long-term success, integral skills, and a major boost to business prosperity?

Alex has a track record that has withstood the test of time. It dates back a few years ago when SEO experts faced their largest challenge yet. It seems overtly cliché, but it was a transitional time. Google unleashed Panda and Penguin back to back. The former sought to redefine hyperlinks, and the latter changed keyword allocation completely. Both sought to make SEO more organic and less “plug it in.” The results were spectacularly chaotic. Some experts fell under the weight of their own promises and faulty system. They relied on methods that were cloned and copied. When Google fundamentally deterred copycat content (in a myriad of ways), the once acclaimed search engine optimization experts were left up a river without a paddle.

The infrastructure was built with flimsy abandon, and they suffered. Admittedly, alexmiller had the same general ideas in mind. He wanted to make it simple and streamlined, which resulted in him applying many of the mechanics that ended up burying many experts. Alex was able to rebound with more than just a little efficiency. He revamped all his efforts. He evolved with the changes.

So when many other experts were left floundering for a new niche, Alex Miller leveraged his knowledge and network to embrace these sweeping changes. Alex Miller was like a magician. He took a hat and removed a turtle instead of a rabbit. He flipped conventions upside down and asked the big questions. What is adapting in this industry, and how can these changes be rolled into the bigger picture? Alex now works on a global scale. He had a leg up because he adapted quicker than anyone else.

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