Recovering from a Google Penalty Requires Understanding of the Reasoning

Google has the power to penalize a website resource if they try to circumnavigate the SEO system. Fortunately, one can learn how to recover from a Google penalty relatively easily, but they must first isolate what is causing the issue in the first place. The majority of the time it has to do with two cuddly animals- the penguin or the panda.

The Cute Panda Bear of 2011

Google created the panda update for launch in late 2012, and it became one of their biggest SEO related updates to date. The panda update generally has to do with one thing, and that is keyword design. Google discourages websites from stuffing their content with keywords, because they think it is cheating and they think it encourages inferior content. These are both true to an extent and the Google update changed the way SEO developers work keywords into their content. A penalty in this regard may mean that a website will rank much lower for the specific keywords they used despite the fact that their strategy did garner them a page one rank. The website will have a hard time getting off the ground if it is flagged as a penalty site in the area of keyword manipulation.

The Penguin Paradox

Penguin focuses on another area of SEO, and that is backlinks. This is to frown against aggressive backlink campaigns which involve but are not limited to:

Buying bulk backlinks listing non relevant outbound links unnatural link patterns

Many companies in the past would buy a bulk quantity of links to their website. The websites linking to them would do a number of things, but the ultimate goal was to add credibility to a website by tricking Google’s algorithm that it is relevant because many websites are linking to it. It is more complicated than this, but this is the essential basis for the entire update. The links are made in an effort to increase the rank of a website, and increase its Google score. But penguin understands these patterns. It seeks situations where a large number of links went live at the same time, or if a majority of links are from small sites with no visitor base.

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