Rethink Wooden Crates And Other Found Pieces: How You Can Decorate On The Cheap

Decor and home furnishings are a great way to express your personality and create a comfortable living space that is truly your own. Many times, people put off decorating because they feel it is too expensive and time consuming. However, there are a few ways to add to your personal space that are easy and inexpensive. For some ideas on how you can do this, read on.

  • One of the fastest ways to transform a space is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Instead of typical colors like white or eggshell, try some bolder neutrals like dove gray, muted ocher, or light, dusty blue. If you are feeling brave, you can paint some rooms in more vivid colors that go with the color themes in your furniture and other decor.
  • Another inexpensive way to change the look of your home is to get new curtains or small area rugs. Long, flowing curtains or area rugs in interesting patterns or colors can instantly change the feel of a room.
  • Try re-purposing pieces to create unique, cost-effective pieces of furniture. You can use wooden crates to make open-face cabinets, bookshelves, or coffee tables. You can use them as they are, or paint them any color you like. You can also rethink how you use furniture you already have. For example, a low dresser or desk can make a chic TV stand or a bookshelf can be used to store clothing, towels, and linens.
  • Reupholstering old, found furniture or your own furniture is an easy way to breathe new life into pieces with outdated or ruined fabric, colors, and patterns. You can even paint fabric on chairs any color you like if you put down a layer of primer before you start painting.
  • Keep an eye out for pieces you can fix up with paint, reupholstering, or other easy craft projects. Going to thrift stores or yard sales are a great way to look for items like decorative mirrors, picture frames, vases, lamps, and chairs that can easily be fixed up to fit with your style.

All of these projects are easy to complete in a weekend, especially with the help of a couple friends or family members. Just keep an eye out for good deals on furnishings, rugs, curtains, and other decor that you can alter, and do not discount flea markets or thrift shops.

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