Roberts Gordon Combat Gas Fired Heaters Are Perfect For Large Buildings

If you are looking for a heating source for a large building, you need to check out Roberts Gordon Combat gas fired heaters. It is a new line that is currently being sold under the name COMBAT by Roberts-Gordon IDF-Series. The heater is made specifically for building that often have a lot of cold air circulating, such as vehicle repair and service shops. They are also great for using in large warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

The new IDF series uses indirect fired air handling units to produce heat. This heater is able to keep temperatures stable and consistent heat even in buildings that have really high ceilings and lots of open space. The heater is designed to produce less stratification. It also provides superior ventilation over other heating units for large spaces.

Sometimes, it is nice to have a heater that has a lot of options. This heater offers a lot of design flexibility with how you choose to set it up, install it, and use it within your building. It has three different fuel options. You can choose how you fuel the heater and thus how you pay for energy. So you can set the heater up in a way that is more energy efficient for your area.

If you like to have a lot of control options, this is also a great heater for that. It has three different control options, allow you to choose how to handle the distribution of heat in your facility. You have the freedom to choose the option that is the best for you. In addition, it also has nine discharge choices as well as both vertical and horizontal configurations.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a heater to heat large spaces such as warehouses and service repair shops. You need a heater that has flexibility with the installation options. You also need a heater that is going to be able to keep a large space heated consistently. You can find all of those features in the new COMBAT which is produced by Roberts-Gordon. It offers flexibility as well as strength all in one unit.

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