Rocket German review

Rocket German is a fast, simple and effective way to speak German with proficiency and accuracy in a very short amount of time. Within a few lessons the user can understand a conversation, and answer in simple phrases. Is this the right program for you?

Rocket German is a language learning tool that does not require time spent in a classroom or with a tutor. Rocket German is designed to teach you how to speak German fluently using practical and simple verbal exercises. These verbal exercises focus on teaching you how to speak German and after just one or two lessons it is possible to understand large parts of a fluent speaker’s conversation.

The programs focus is on teaching one to properly speak German and includes a tool to record and playback speech. This function allows the user to become proficient and master correct word pronunciation by comparing the recording against the program and correcting any errors. Thus learning to speak German with the ease and with the proper, native sounding accent.

Rocket German utilizes multiple methods of teaching and testing to increase language comprehension and determine where improvement is needed. These methods include listening and determining what a person is saying in German, translating simple phrases, and translating a two way conversation from German.

German is notoriously difficult to learn to speak, read, or write, and Rocket German is designed to simplify the learning process by focusing on accent and pronunciation, thus teaching the user to speak quickly and at their convenience. Writing a language may be nice, but speaking it properly is vastly more useful in the real world, where talking to people can get directions, make a purchase, order a meal, or socialize with a group.

Rocket German is available in two formats for your convenience, a online, download-able version for Android, iPad, iPhone, or the hard copy version, 20 compact disks for your listening pleasure.

Learning to speak German properly is difficult and time consuming, but Rocket German takes the hassle and difficulty out of the process. If you are interested in learning to speak German, perhaps the benefits outlined in this short Rocket German review will assist you in your selection of a language learning tool.

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