Search Engine Optimisation in Perth: Keeping Page 1 Intact for the Long Haul

There is a frustrating and troubling trend going on in the influx of Internet marketing companies. The field is growing larger by the day, and more and more competitors are making big promises. Many of them can certainly deliver a top page 1 Google ranking for the right price. But the problem and difficulty is not so much about reaching that page 1, but maintaining it.

Earning a page 1 Google ranking is actually very algorithmic. Yes, Google makes changes every couple months which frustrates many lower quality marketers but it also lowers the playing field and keeps every resource on their toes. Obtaining a top rank involves juggling a few major aspects, such as:

keyword inclusion

It involves a lot more, but these three tend to form the main backbone of search engine optimisation in Perth. Son what does one do? Well, they add the appropriate targeted keywords that intentionally set a course for their certain market and demographic. They also develop a rather sizable backlink campaign. This may include manually messaging independent blogs or moving through an affiliate network Either way, it is worthwhile to establish a backlink presence. Timeliness simply has to do with how fresh the content is, and new content that is well marketed will always be favored. For example, if one searches ‘best tv reviews’ the ones posted in the past few weeks will generally be far favored over superior reviews posted years prior. It is why content from a handful of years back is so difficult to find without typing the literal year into the search terms.

All this encourages the idea that obtaining a page 1 rank is not all that difficult in reality. It is about following a core formula and doing it very well. But maintaining it is difficult. How does one keep that top rank over time and battle the digital ‘wear and tear’ of content? Time will hurt content’s ranking, but so will competitors. Keywords change by the week. A great resource will navigate this field with steadfast focus, and maintain a top rank beyond that first single week.

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