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The covering over your home, business, church or other buildings can be one of its most important features. It supplies structural support and integrity while protecting the building and its occupants from the elements. Unfortunately, this protection can be lost when the roofing gets old or the building gets damaged. When this happens the best option is to have the roof covering replaced. Of course, roof damage isn’t always visible. For example, leaks along the eaves, flashing or vents can allow water to trickle in and soak into the surrounding materials. These problems are easily seen by an experienced roofer who knows what to look for. Some of the more common signs are water stains on the roof decking or moist drywall.

Other signs of a potential roofing failure are missing or damaged shingles. These problems are generally obvious and often occur after a severe storm or extremely strong winds. The quick solution is to replace the damaged shingles, but the preferred repair is to replace the roof covering. Even if your roof seems to be in excellent repair it is still important to have the occasional roofing inspection. Inspecting the roof can help you avoid costly repairs by eliminating any problems before they become too huge to handle. Visit the website and see post about how roofing inspections and repairs can save you money.

Most roofs are covered with asphalt shingles. This is a low cost, durable solution that usually provides twenty to twenty five years of service. A modern alternative is lightweight steel roofing. This product uses zinc galvanization to protect the steel and extend the life of the roof covering. Steel roofing can last for fifty years or more. The beauty of steel roofing is in the variety of styles and colors available. Steel roofing can simulate the standard asphalt shingled roof or the complex look of Mediterranean styled clay tiles. This allows steel roofing to be used in almost any type of construction from the Colonial styled home to the Craftsman bungalow. Plus, if your home still has decent shingles in place the steel roofing can be placed over them and provide even more protection.

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