SEO for Car Dealers: Why are Citations Important?

Many car dealerships have a great looking website, but they don’t have very much traffic coming in locally. This can be a real problem since most care dealers want to have people actually visiting the dealership to make a purchase. Even with top quality photos, relevant alt text on all the images and quality content on each page, targeting and actually getting traffic from nearby does not always occur. If this is an issue that dealerships find they are facing, they should invest in SEO for car dealers and learn about citations. Citations a website has account for about 25 percent of a business’s ranking in the SERPs, which means ensuring they are consistent and correct is a must.

What is Considered a Citation?

Citations are considered to be any reference to information about a business online that is searchable. The three most important piece of information includes the business name, address and phone number – often referred to as the NAP. Put simply, a citation is anywhere a car dealership is mentioned (with or without a link) besides their own website.

How to Ensure Citations are Correct

The most important part of benefiting from citations is to ensure they are correct. When it comes to Google, consistency is key. This is why if something is found to be misspelled, it is essential to correct it. This way when someone is looking for a car dealership in the area they will find the business that is actually just down the road.

In addition to going through and manually checking and correcting all citations, an SEO company can help out with this. Chances are they can get most dealerships additional citations, as well.

Getting New Citations

There are a number of ways that a car dealership can acquire new citations. One is to reach out to local businesses in the area and exchange business mentions. Other methods include guest posting blogs on other websites and ensuring the dealership is listed in various online directories.

Any quality SEO company will help a car dealership get as many citations as possible to help their SERPs. Taking the time to learn about various factors that impact a rank can also help owners ensure their business is found locally. In the long run, this will help their bottom line.

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