Should You Choose Private Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server hosting generally refers to the ability to run a program on several different connected computers at the same time. Cloud servers also refer to a network based service that gives the impression that it is offered by a physical server but is actually hosted by virtual hardware. This type of virtual server does not physically exist so it can be easily moved and scaled in such a way that does not impact the end user. The ability to move it so easily is where the name “cloud” is derived from.


There are many advantages to moving to cloud server hosting. With public and private cloud server hosting you can maximize your shared resources. Using a cloud server allows you to save on IT costs and maintain flexibility. Employees can freely and easily access data using any device from any location. Keeping costs in check by only paying for what you need is another feature. If you need more capacity you can obtain it with a phone call. Using cloud hosting means that your company can avoid some front end infrastructure costs. When you free up your staff from dealing with updates and patches they can focus on your business demands and functions. The cloud allows you to better manage your system with the least amount of maintenance.


Shifting to a cloud based model presents several management issues. A company that uses a public cloud does not own the equipment used to host their cloud environment. Because a public cloud is maintained elsewhere, a public cloud client will not have visibility or immediate control over their server. Another issue may involve needing to work with the public provider’s architecture.

Managing capacity is a difficult task for both public and private cloud servers. In a private cloud environment controlling capacity is easier because the company has immediate access to their equipment. In a public cloud, the user would have to contact the host to make changes.


Using private cloud hosting services means that you do not have to worry about who shares your server or network. With private cloud hosting you have the ability to see your hardware. You will be able to see how your environment is running and maintain control over your quality of service.

If you are considering cloud hosting for your business, you should visit a provider like VI.NET. You can find out more about their private cloud hosting plans and discover the advantages of cloud servers. Then you will be able to make an educated decision on what is the best option for you.

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