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How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Many young gamers dream of getting paid by just playing video games. People may raise their eyebrows and think this is impossible, but the truth is many people are earning a living or are making extra money by playing video games. There are many ways people can make money by playing video games, and these are fascinating even to someone who do not desire to do it. From eSport athletes making six figures annually by winning tournaments to game testers earning near minimum wage are just some of the ways a person can do to make money by just playing video games. You need to be a really good gamer if you want to make video gaming as an ultimate career, but experts do not recommend quitting your day job or dropping out of school just to venture into the world of video game economy is not recommended.

The forefront in the video game industry is gold farming or selling virtual goods. Gaming item selling started years ago, and many games have black market style websites where gamers could sell their items to other gamers for cash. Real money is also involved in online auction houses which are a potential wave in the future. Highly skilled players join tournaments to cash in on their gaming knowledge and skills. Professional video gaming tournament is called as “eSports”. There are companies sponsoring video games such as decorating racing cars with the logo of a product and sponsorship of famous athlete shoe brand. Many video gaming companies are employing video game testers for testing video games is their development stage, and their job description involves reporting any flaws, problems and sharing their suggestions, opinions and ideas like adding extra features, eliminating unnecessary items, and how to make the game more challenging and exciting. Game testing is also referred to as “play testing”, to evaluate the video game for any bugs or problems before being launched or released in public.

You can also make money by sharing your knowledge and expertise playing video games by writing your own e-book, educating other players about some tips and tricks they can use to go up the next level. You can sell your eBook in online shopping platforms where you can also sell your old gaming paraphernalia and souvenirs. Being an expert gamer, you are in a very good position to share your expertise by being a writer, and you can make money out of your articles or blogs by selling them to SEO companies, bloggers or advertisers. You can also start creating your own blogging website and put advertisements on it. Explore and learn more about related articles by viewing our website or home page.

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