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Erectile Dysfunction and How to Prevent it

When talking about sexual health, men have erectile dysfunction and this affects to about 30 million men every year and this statistics is provided by the National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse. There are so many factors that is found to be responsible in such and we will be discussing them along in the article to give you a heads up.

Men who are at a young age who experience such are likely to have such as a temporary problem but as men get older, so does the risk of having such problems because 4% of men who are over the age 50 have such dysfunction and as the age grows further to their 60’s, the number of men who are affected also rise to about 17% of the entire population of men aged 60. Men who have ED or erectile dysfunction are not only affected physically but deep inside, their emotion is also damaged greatly since this affects their pride as men.

But the age is not the only factor that is responsible for affecting such in the first place since the lifestyle also holds a huge weigh overall. Yet another thing that is responsible for such is through taking in certain numbers or types of medications because there are some that are found to be responsible for such dysfunction.

While medication is responsible for such, certain types of injuries are also found to be responsible for such dysfunction in the first place.

Chronic diseases and mental disorders are also another types of factors that greatly affects such, not to mention that prohibited use of drugs also are responsible for such and since not every type of erectile dysfunction can be prevented, the need to be really careful to reduce your risk will still be applied.

One way to prevent such from happening in the later years is to ensure that you will keep your nerves and arteries healthy because what comes with a healthy blood circulation is prevention from erectile dysfunction.

See to it that you will be taking care of your diet accordingly and that you should also exercise regularly because abstaining from achieving such will increase the risk of a man to encounter erectile dysfunction because this will then lead to other medical conditions. Make sure that you will also abstain from alcoholic drinks and to stop smoking in the soonest possible time.

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